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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  March 20, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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a show down at san francisco's city hall. >> and that at this time i do not plan to resign. >> as the mayor moves to suspend the sheriff. >> i have informed the sheriff he will be served charges tomorrow. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville.
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sheriff lee is trying to suspend mirkarimi. ken wayne is live. >> reporter: tonight will be ross mirkarimi's last night as sheriff at least for now. it'll be up to the board of supervisors to determine if he gets his job back. >> i believe that i am still very able to be the sheriff of san francisco. and that at this time i do not plan to resign. >> reporter: despite a warning from mayor ed lee that he didn't resign he would be suspended. mirkarimi is vowing to fight for his job. >> i was looking forward to that process because if you keep in mind i still have not told my story. >> reporter: although he pled guilty to false imprisonment, mirkarimi would not acknowledge
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if he physically bruised his wife. >> did you hit your wife? >> i am going to let my wife answer that. >> reporter: mayor lee followed with his own dramatic statement. >> i have informed the sheriff that he will be served charges tomorrow. >> reporter: that means the sheriff would be suspended and replaced it also starts the rare process of ethics hearing to determine if mirkarimi should be removed from office permanently. mayor ed lee determined the sheriff's guilty plea is enough to warrant his removal for unethical conduct. >> we must also be held to the highest standards. sheriff mirkarimi's admission of guilty falls under this. >> reporter: in addition to preparing to make his case to save his life, mirkarimi is facing another issue, his salary. he may lose his paycheck.
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that's what happened to former supervisor ed ju when he was suspended. live in san francisco's city hall, ken wayne. >> mirkarimi says his actions did not rise to the level of official misconduct as laid out by law. former charges will be filed. the mayor said that will happen tomorrow. the ethics commission will then hold hearings to investigate the charge of official misconduct. it will send the case to the board for vote. san francisco's new interim sheriff vicki hennessey spoke briefly in the mayor's office she said she is ready to take on her new role.
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>> i know i stand before you today amidst difficult times for the city and for the sheriff's department. i look forward to working with the sheriff department staff to best serve the people of san francisco. vicki hennessey joined the sheriff's department in 1975. in 1983 she became the youngest captain in state law enforcement. and became chief deputy in 1997. in 2006, hennessey took on the role of deputy director of the san francisco department of emergency services and homeland security. two years later, she was named director of energy management. she retired last year. a former supporter and personal friend of ross mirkarimi says she can no longer support him as sheriff. the executive director of the city's department on the status of women is among those urging him to resign. >> the committee that's worked on domestic violence for the commission have all said that they were unable to work with ross mirkarimi given the guilty
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plea and his charges it became very problematic as far as advancing with him. >> reporter: she fully supports the mayor's appointment of vicki hennessey because of hennessey's prior involvement with domestic violence reform. >> on ktvu we have posted both mayor lee and sheriff mirkarimi press conferences. it was an emotional vigil that ended about an hour ago here at the morgan presbyterian church. an anguished mother called out for her missing daughter 15- year-old sierra lamar. >> i feel guilty because i am always worried about where she is, if you can hear me, just
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realize how much i love you and want you back. i want you back. i love you and i just want you back. >> reporter: sierra disappeared last friday morning while on the way to catch a bus to go to morgan hill. friends were here tonight from that school and from washington high in fremont where she attended last year. >> all these people are all missing her. all the people from fremont, even the people from morgan hill, we all know her we want her to come home. >> reporter: police invest bay -- investigators went door to door but did not find anything. 30 detectives are working on the case. they said the girl's cell phone found in this field along with her laptop have not yielded anything either. but they are getting calls from the public. >> a will the of information has come in. a lot of unconfirmed sightings of sierra but unfortunately nothing that has helped out in the case so far. >> reporter: investigators are also checking out on 276 registered sex offenders in the
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area. sierra's father steve lamar who lives in fremont has a sex crime conviction but investigators have cleared him and he was at tonight's vigil and visibly distraught. >> sierra we love you. and we can't wait for you to come home. >> we're not going to give up until she comes home. >> reporter: the sheriff's department continues to classify this as a missing person case not an abduction. tomorrow will be the sixth day since she vanished. live in morgan hill, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. at we posted an e- mail address posted by the sheriff for sierra lamar. you will find it on our news tab. new at 10:00, employees at kaiser are receiving letters of a data breach that put their personal information at risk. in the letter the hospital said someone bought an external hard
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drive secondhand and it contained the employees names, addresses and social security numbers. kaiser says it is providing a year of credit monitoring for the affected employees to protect against identity theft. the board of trustees at california state university approved a 10% pay raise today for two campus presidents even as csu students face another tuition hike. with the new raise, csu fullerton president mildred garcia received a pay rise. csu is also planning to limit enrollment if california voters fail to pass a tax measure in november. a major earthquake hit
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southern mexico today. it registered a magnitude 7.4. but incredibly there's no injuries. it was felt in acapulco. in the past 40 years that area has seen 15 quakes of magnitude seven or more. in mexico city, a concrete pedestrian bridge collapsed on to a bus. fortunately it turns out that bus was empty. but closer to the epicenter, 800 homes were damaged or destroyed. coming up at 10:30, we will go live to sfo and hear from folks who are just returning from mexico who felt that quake. a gay couple from orinda is accusing officials of trying to split up their marriage. only on two, ktvu's alex savigde spoke to the couple. >> reporter: it's a stressful time for this couple from orinda. bryan willingham and alfonso
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garcia are in danger of being split apart because garcia is in the country illegally. >> it's scary, you know like to fight with the government can tear our marriage aparking a -- marriage apart. >> reporter: now they're locked in a fight. willingham has filed a green card petition trying to keep garcia in the country. >> they have the authority to do it and it's time for the obama administration to put their actions behind their words. >> reporter: the couple had been living together for 10 years and finally married in new york last year. but a simple traffic stop changed everything. garcia who was brought to the united states from mexico as a teen ended up facing deportation. >> i love him and he's my half. and i will always be with him. >> reporter: now as their date with an immigration judge gets closer. willingham is trying to stay optimistic. >> in front of him i'm very confident. because i want to give him
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strength but in all honesty i'm extremely nervous. >> repor on thursday. that's when a judge will decide whether to stop the deportation process. in the meantime this couple has launched an online petition. they're asking people to sign on and they're asking the president to intervene in their case and protect the rights of same-sex couples. in san francisco, alex savidge. tons of sand pushed into position. the focus now on keeping it there. back near in 10 minutes we're going to look at tomorrow's forecast on the long range forecast we have rain to talk about. we'll see you back here. a san francisco woman is ♪
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and how you choose to get there. the all-new 2013 gs. our boldest response ever. there's no going back. ♪ new at 10:00, a san francisco landlord is accused of negligence tonight following the death of a tenant who fell through a crumbling staircase. heather holmes spoke to renters who have complained for years. >> reporter: tonight they are saddened and disgusted that a woman a long time bartender here at the polk street bar has now died. for 20 years roy moore served those drowning their sorrow. today the picture of the 62- year-old bartender hangs on the
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wall. >> it's just tragic. >> reporter: francisco found moore. on her back and in pain at this staircase. she was on her way to do laundry when the stairs gave way. >> the stairs are clearly rotten and definitely treacherous. >> reporter: moore suffered internal injuries on the three story fall. after months of intense sieve care, she died yesterday. >> you can see here i can just pull the wood and it'll crumble. >> reporter: yoyo says he has complained for years. >> you can stick a pencil right through it. >> reporter: telling us he had his own accident that finally got response. >> reporter: we wanted to ask building manager lindy about the stair conditions but nobody answered the floor.
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his family along with the apartment company has been part of a lawsuit. including responding to tenant concerns of repairs within 24 hours. >> with three people falling through they still are onlyly replaces some of the stairs. >> reporter: neighbors say the woman's family has now hired an attorney. reporting live, heather holmes. a sexual harassment lawsuit was filed today against alameda county chief probation officer david muhammad. the plaintiff is seeking 1-1/2 -- $1.5 million in damages. muhammad has called the allegations false and outrageous. michael gressett says he is filing a lawsuit of maliciously
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pursuing the case for political reasons. a colleague had accused gresett of rape but the case was thrown out. gressett was then reinstated. so far he has not returned to work although he is collecting his salary. alameda county supervisor nadia locklear is back at work today. locklear said in a written statement she was glad to get back the work and has taken responsibility for her mistakes. nadia locklear claims a former boyfriend assaulted her in a motel. soon of that she enrolled in a substance abuse program. in six minutes the race for the white house, tonight's results from the illinois primary and where that leaves the front runners. numerous reports out tonight say that hewlett packered is poised to join it
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personal computers. word of the internal merger didn't seem to sit well with investors. hp stock fell 1.5% today. profits were up 18% over the last quarter compared to a year ago -- oracle says quarterly profits hid $2.5 billion or 49-cents per chair. on wall street stocks fell today. the dow industrials closed 68 points lower. the nasdaq was off by four points. city leaders in pinol were set to vote tonight on a popular pool. supporters gathered in front of city hall this evening ahead of the city council's decision. last year the city council cut funding for the swim center. volunteers raised $20,000 to keep it open but they needed $31,000 to keep it open for the
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summer season. we're still waiting to hear theout come of tonight's vote on whether or not that pool will be shut down. in sunny vale this evening, residents will wait on a proposed ban on lighting up. the ban will also include any outdoor dining areas and within 20 feet of those dining areas. the city council began looking at an effort to restrict smoking. ktvu's christien kafton tells us the key move that the california coastal commission made that really helped speed up the work. >> reporter: today earth movers and backhoes packed tons of sand alongside the san lorenzo river forcing it back into the ocean. >> yeah they were working. yesterday they were about to
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here. half way point when they were making this break. >> reporter: last week the river jumped it's banks. >> i've never seen this. i've been here my whole life and i've never seen it like this before. it always pretty much stayed on the channel. >> reporter: but instead of staying on the channel, it took a sharp right threatening to go under the sea wall and boardwalk. >> if we had waited an hour or two more we would have had a serious problem. >> reporter: mark lipton from the administrative offices says the amusement park got approval to build the berm and get the river back in its path. >> we were facing a danger that needed immediate action and we took that action. >> reporter: they didn't miss any business thanks to this berm that has the san lorenzo river back running on its path.
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now the city of san -- santa cruz will have a meeting to come up with a plan to keep the river in it banks. showers to the north of us and that's basically where they'll stay. today's temperatures increased. we had lots of mid-60s today in the warm spots. tomorrow it's going to be warmer still. tonight 10:00 we have the cloud cover out there. this is the computer model, increasing clouds tomorrow morning. valley fog showing up. this is about 8:00 a.m. no sprinkles there might be a little drizzle because you can see some up here just to the north of us flipping around there. by noontime partly sunny to mostly sunny. tomorrow clouds increase in the middle of the day. that's for thursday. when i come back 10:45 we're going to look at this computer model, run it through thursday and then look at an even bigger system that gets here on saturday. we'll see you back here.
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turns out there's still a little bit of snow on top of mount hamilton. news chopper 2 was over mount hamilton and if you look closely you can see there's still patches of know. you see here that most of that snow is now gone. what would you do with $241 million? the rush to buy tickets for tonight's big jackpot and we'll show you the wi
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now to the race for the white house and the results of tonight's republican primary in illinois. really wasn't much of a contest. mitt romney was declared the winner less than an hour after the polls closed. romney saw the biggest lead
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with 47%. rick santorum got 35% of the vote. ron paul got 9% and gingrich 8%. craig boswell has romney's strategy. >> reporter: he spent back to back days campaigning for a roughly $3.5 million ad. 54 delegates up for grabs, so far mitt romney has taken 41, rick santorum eight. the remaining are yet to be awarded. his campaign spent millions of the dollars on television ads. fox news projects mitt romney wins illinois. >> it's time to say these words. this word, enough. we've had enough. >> reporter: the romney campaign and supporting superpack outspent the santorum camp in the land of lincoln. santorum counted on strong support in the more conservative down state
11:55 pm
portion of the illinois. santorum moved on to his home state of pennsylvania to address his supporters tonight. >> we're going to get western illinois, we won the areas that conservatives and republicans populate. we're very happy about that. >> he lost the senate in pennsylvania by the largest margin in the history of the state for any incoming senator getting reelected. you have to ask yourself, is that really the background to try to take on barack obama. >> reporter: the former house speaker pulled out of illinois to try to focus on indiana. ron paul made only one stop in illinois. ron paul and newt gingrich were shut out of the delegate count tonight. up next louisiana that vote is saturday. live in washington, craig boswell, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now, here's the republican delegate count.
11:56 pm
mitt romney now has 563 delegates. that's almost half of what he needs to secure the gop nomination. san for rum has 263. gingrich 135, and ron paul currently has 50 delegates. the richmond city council is meeting tonight to decide whether to move ahead with proposed expansion of medical marijuana dispensaries. the council already agreed tentatively to increase the number of dispensaries from four to six. right now those dispensaries are confined to the hilltop mall and pacific east mall areas. any new dispensaries would be prohibited from opening near residential areas. and california secretary of state is allowing supporters of a proposed ballot measure on medical marijuana to start collecting signatures. the measure would allow medical marijuana patients to form collectives enabling them to store and distribute cannabis. they could also be taxed. okay could you be holding a winning mega million ticket
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that could be worth $240 million. in san leandro there was a steady flow of people who were picking numbers this evening or letting the computer pick their numbers for them. for those who were wondering whether to take the money in installments or a lump sum. that lump sum would come up to a little bit more than $170 million. the winning numbers, one, four, six, 11, 14 and the mega number is 30. i had my head down, everyone starts screaming. screaming earthquake. >> it was felt across hundreds of miles. tonight we catch up with bay area residents who felt that earthquake in mexico. >>
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we have new video tonight of the mayor quake in mexico. this is how the legislators reacted in mexico city when the ground started shaking during this afternoon's 7.4 quake. since then there's been four aftershocks. ktvu's amber lee is at san francisco international airport tonight where she talks with travelers who were just returning from mexico. amber. >> reporter: julie tonight we met with passengers here at the international terminal who flew from mexico city to san francisco after experiencing the 7.4 earthquake. 55-year-old lourdes orieres arrived to the receiving arms of her family. >> reporter: were you scared? >> si. >> reporter: she told us she was at the airport in mexico city waiting for her flight when the quake struck.
12:01 am
>> i am sitting at a restaurant and i am writing. and the table shook, it was moving. >> reporter: daughter sandra told us she called other relatives in mexico city as soon as she heard about the quake but didn't know if her mother was okay until they were reunited here at sfo. >> i just got scared. i called the family to make sure that everyone is okay. >> reporter: are they okay? >> yeah everything was fine. >> reporter: the oscensio family of san francisco also arrived home this evening. 19-year-old mariano told us he and his family were eating lunch at a hotel near the airport. >> i had my head down. everybody started screaming, earthquake. >> it was this way, and a little bit up and down. my wife noticed the swimming pool that was waving really. >> reporter: the family told us they didn't see any damage.
12:02 am
in san francisco the mexican consul general says information is slowly coming in. >> there's no victims at this point. there's not any kind of people injured. >> reporter: the escensio family told us they are glad to be back in san francisco even though earthquakes happen here too. they say they feel safe here. reporting live at sfo, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. the president's oldest daughter malia was in huajaca. malia was taking part in a service trip with her school. we have video here posted on you tube. this video was taken hundreds of miles from the epicenter. it runs for two months and you can see the lights swaying back
12:03 am
and for the entire time. you can see the broken plates on the ground, the collapsed bookshelf. the person who tweeted this picture says it was taken inside a kitchen in mexico city. finally we have one more picture that was also posted on twitter it's also from mexico city. again shows more of the damage in this case all of the debris there on the ground and also on that staircase. san francisco police say a dead man's atm card has led to the arrest of his suspected killer. roland pouncy was arrested last month after using the credit card of sprague. sprague was found dead on the sidewalk of a mission district. he had been strangled and his body left there for hours. now investigators say dna evidence has led pouncy to the killing. police banned eight protesters from the uc berkeley campus. students and those who work at the university will stale be
12:04 am
allowed to go to class or work only. the eight protesters tried to set up camp next to sprawl hall back in november and were arrested for resisting arrest and blocking the sidewalk. the eight say they will appeal. members of the berkeley city council are slated to take up a measure tonight on teenage prostitution. we were the first to tell you a few months ago about the growing concerns that more and more minors may be turning to prostitution on the city streets. berkeley high school students could be involved. the commission on the status of women wants a task force to study the issue. new details tonight an anonymous tip helped police track down the dog that allegedly mauled a woman and killed a smaller down in san francisco last month. as patti lee reports, the owners have since sent their dog to obedience training. >> reporter: kim ferguson remembers the moment she was
12:05 am
mauled and her dog killed. >> i can't believe it was happening. >> reporter: after the february attack, ferguson launched a campaign. her story appeared last night on ktvu. a day later, police got a tip. >> shortly after that attack the owners sent their dog away to obedience training in gilroy. the owners didn't want to talk on camera but said they realized their dog had some aggression problems but did not want to hide him. the owners have been sited for failing to leash their dog and for failing to exchange information after the attack. >> exchange of information should have occurred. the similar to a hit-and-run accident. >> reporter: today san
12:06 am
francisco police typed up an order requesting the owners to turn him in. >> i prefer to have the dog in custody. especially a dog that has done something like this. >> reporter: since 2001 after diane ripple was killed by dogs with a history of aggression, the department doesn't take chances. in san francisco, patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. he disappeared on a camping trip. the search for a cyclist from the bay area and where crews are focusing their efforts. it's the longest long range computer model that goes into the bay area weekend and shows significant rain. i'll have that when we come back. some serious charges against a high school
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a massive search is under way at death valley national park for a personal trainer from san francisco who's opinion missing now for several weeks. 67-year-old george kohler was with a bicycling group. kohler's wife says she has not lost hope that he is going to come back. >> if anybody is going to get lost and then found it's george. because the guy is an iron man. >> as a helicopter searching by air, crews are searching by land with dogs in hoping of picking up kohler's scent.
12:10 am
60-year-old scott woodward of ben lomin died while surfing south of the hook. woodward drowned after breaking his neck and that he was likely paralyzed before he drowned. friends say woodward has been surfing for decades. activists sent new images. there is a ray of hope tonight. serious key allie russia signaled for support. in new zealand winds of more than 100 miles per hour blew through new zealand. thousands of people lost power as electrical lines came down. one small airport closed. the wind storm also postponed a soccer tournament. it came one day after
12:11 am
torrential rains caused widespread flooding. fires burning on mount kenya are likely the work of poachers trying to create distractions away from their illegally activity. a 34-year-old high school drug counselor is in jail. police in salinas says they found 14 videos of students using the counselors office to have sex. gilbert oliv era s is a youth counselor and worked out of salinas high school. last night police searched his home after a student accused olivares of molestic him. that's when they found child pornography on all of olivares computer. police say they think he was the one who set up the camera and then secretly taped the students. >> students were able to go into the room and do that kind
12:12 am
of activity to begin with, but then to be filmed by a counselor is just shocking. >> a second student has now come forward alleging inappropriate touching by olivares. olivares has worked at that school for five years. a postal manager and wife are facing conspiracy charges after prosecutors say they billed the government out of $5 million. prosecutors contend singh chadra had approved and billed for services that the company never provided. apple receives complaints about their new i pad. >> also concerns about millions of the
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a woman takes us inside her home where she's keeping hundreds of exotic birds as pets. there's no restrictions on having that many birds but the city is stepping in. >> reporter: there are hundreds of colorful birds and she says their health is proof of how she cares for them. >> i have a 30-year-old girl over there. her name is snow white. and if i wasn't doing it right i don't think she would still be with us. >> reporter: but some people and agencies don't agree. a south bay bird rescue group complained to the city calling the living conditions filthy, overcrowded and filthy. stewart says she's had up to 400 birds here and with family
12:16 am
support it's not too many. >> if you have enough people coming in and helping you take care, absolutely not. i know people that have 6,000. >> reporter: but officials tell me there are no regulations on the number of exotic birds that can be kept as pets but stewart will be told she cannot breed any birds or sell any of them as a business. stewart says she needs to sell some birds to help pay for expenses and she doesn't believe those are the real issues. >> the city has for years been coming in to people like myself and just doing their best to shut us down for one reason or the other. most people leave because they just can't take the harassment any longer. >> reporter: stewart may have to make a similar decision soon. the city says it will send her a compliance order tomorrow. in san jose, robert handa. apple is acknowledging a problem with its newest i pad. consumer reports tests show the new i pad 3 can heat up up to
12:17 am
116 degrees. that's about 10 degrees hotter than the i pad 2. apple says the new i pad is bound to run hotter because the battery is twice the size of its previous versions. apple users are being asked to donate their old i pads. their used to provide rehab with patients with brain or spinal cord injuries. secretary of state hillary clinton says she is thrilled about a new investigation into the fate of amelia airhart. this coming july 2nd a privately funded team will head to a small corral island in the pacific after a new analysis of an old photo provided a lead. scientists will comb the water looking for clues.
12:18 am
>> even if you do not find what you seek, there is great honor and possibility in the search itself. >> the new search is expected to last 10 days using the latest mapping equipment and state of the art robotic submarines. clouds streaming in over head right now. even a little bit of patchy coastal fog. it warmed up today. this jet stream is starting to sink south. as it does on thursday, it's got a pretty good chance for a light sprinkle in here. it sinks further south. spring now, it's going to feel like winter this weekend. overnight lows in the 40s. patchy fog on the coast. maybe some patchy valley fog and clouds overhead and maybe a sprinkle. not a big deal. the sprinkles have been in the forecast for the last couple of days because of all this
12:19 am
activity, the north is going to shift south. it shouldn't impact your day tomorrow other than mainly just a few sprinkles on the windshield. this is the system i'm tracking. this is the first one for thursday this week. the second one is building up in the gulf of alaska and it will build in as we move into your saturday and your sunday. thursday's system is the first one that opens the door. and that comes in mainly to the north of us but it brings a light sprinkle to the bay area for that morning commute. so you want to think about that as you travel thursday morning in the north bay light sprinkles. by the afternoon commute, no worries partly cloudy. here's thursday's system right. it's nothing. that's in the morning. there might be some drizzle in here. model keeps the sprinkles north. monday morning, friday afternoon or friday evening and then here comes right there there's your saturday morning. there's your saturday afternoon. now it's into the mountains and here you go into sunday
12:20 am
morning. the mountains are going off and here's sunday afternoon. here sunday evening. bay area weekend looks wet. sorry to tell you. i know a lot of people have plans this weekend but weather doesn't look like it's going to cooperate. as we head into monday we do clear out a little bit. your forecast highs are going to be warmer than they were today by a few degrees. mid-60s. even some upper 60s in gilroy. 67 in morgan hill. it's going to be a nice day tomorrow. the weekend boy i tell you a lot of folks have plans first weekend of spring and it's not going to cooperate. >> thank you bill. >> thank you bill. later this week caltrans will install a new safety measure. authorities say laurel curve was the site of more than 150
12:21 am
crashes in 2010. we have some breaking news outs of san francisco. there's been a report of an underground sewer leak. these workers are fully dressed from head to toe in protective gear. their job is to go down a manhole on stewart to check on that possible leak. we're told the workers will need to crawl several hundred feet through a 36-inch sewer pipe just to get to the point where it's thought that leak is located. well looks like a scene
12:22 am
you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen.
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boy you don't see that every day. dozensover daring drivers took to infinon raceway to try to break a world guiness record. 75 cars spun donuts simultaneously for more than 15 seconds. that breaks the previous record of 55 cars. officials with guiness still need to srer tpreu -- to verify the akhaoáufplt. just look on video on our home page. the sharks not swinging
12:25 am
friendly territory. >> when you lose eight of your 11 games you're in trouble. today san jose played the will h.a. --l.a. kings since december 25. the sharks well they're becoming an endangered species and the only positive for san jose recently is marty havlin. tonight marty tie it is game with his power play goal. picked up five points since his return just four games ago. l.a. led 3-1 in the third. lowe scores his first goal in more than a month. lowe makes it 3-2. but the sharks lose their focus once again. watch them cough up the goal or the puck. 5-2 your final. the sharks in tenth place and they have nine more regular games left. the 49ers and alex smith did the most logical thing today. reunite for at least one more
12:26 am
year. and the last month alex smith turned down the 49ers first off of four years $49 million. and that's why the organization says they initiated talks with pe yton manning. so smith visited the dolphins. also today in denver, peyton manning just became the highest paid player in the nfl. he said if there was a game sunday he could play. peyton admitted he seriously considered signing with the 49ers but just felt more comfortable with john elway and company. >> it's up to me and the people here around me to make this the right decision. you know it'll be speculated on and debated for months to come whether it was the right decision or not. i'm going to go out and try to make it the right decision. i don't look back. >> the cal women's basketball
12:27 am
team has no seniors on the basketball today. golden bears and south bend for the women's tournament. golden bears in the dark jersey. they stay with the irish that's a nice pass. a nice finish there. 31-31. cal commits 19 turnovers. irish put together a 26-3 second half runs. noder -- noter dame wins. a favorite to win is the undefeated baylor. greiner became the second player to slam. they are now 36-0. that's sports as we see it for this tuesday night. >> it's only the second time. >> second time ever in the tournament. >> wow. all right. thanks fred. >> fred, thank you. >> and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> and the ktvu morning team
12:28 am
will whatcha lookin' for hon?
12:29 am
ah, these new jeans i want. i've been looking everywhere. new blue jeans? oh, don't be crazy, i've got tons of blue jeans. frank! frank! get my jean bin, susie wants my jeans. no she doesn't. here we go. nice and loose. ohhh. those are loose, but i actually just ordered three pairs of this kind. ooooohhhh. oh. when it's on your mind, it's on ebay.


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